Monday, December 30, 2013

My Awesome 2013

I miss my long hair.

I resigned and learned that life is not just about working hard, being awake all night taking calls and earning money.  I discovered the awesomeness of having a good social life. Nothing beats the feeling of having a good night sleep and staying late with friends drinking ice cold beer. I let Hera cut my hair.. I miss my long hair so much.


Sweet pica of Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin
It is indeed the month of love yet I am single. It is no big deal though because I still enjoyed this month so much. It only proved that my first love is not myself but travelling. In fact this month belongs to my top three months because I fulfilled my simple dream which is to get out of Luzon. I’ve met cool people in Mindanao at the same time saw astonishing places there, especially my cousins who are so adorable and intelligent. 

N Hotel Cagayan de Oro City, Birthday celebration. :)


Just in NAIA Term III
My birth month..  I was still in Cagayan de Oro enjoying the company of my super amazing cousins. My birthday was superb. It was quite simple yet full of memories to cherish. Thanks to my auntie and uncle who made it all possible. I can sleep anytime I want without any worry in waking up just to go to work. I miss those days so much. How I wish those days never ended.

Superman Ride Camp John Hay Baguio City


Welcome back to the busy and big city. I am still jobless though, so I did not felt the pressure that much. I became busy facing my computer all day watching American series. I’ve learned to appreciate the efforts of folks in the entertainment industry. Nothing so special for this month that I can recall.. but wait, I guess, it was April when my brother passed the board exam. Maybe that is the best part of this month aside from travelling to Olongapo, Tarlac, Baguio and Bataan. 
Port of Binoni


I cannot remember anything special for this month. Maybe I was stuck again in my bed watching Bones or Nikita. Watching is the only thing that I am doing when I do not have something to do.

MOA Bowling arena


It was just like May, I cannot remember anything about this month. I guess I spent most of my time doing nothing. 

Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya


There is nothing new for this month. It was just me, my laptop, the internet and my favourite cheese balls. 


I started to get bored about doing nothing. I started thinking about something productive to do. I started thinking about getting a job again. At the same time, I started missing my lazy moments just after 5 minutes of thinking about being busy again working.


CDO Airport
I noticed that I am gaining so much weight again because of my super sedentary lifestyle. My tummy became very prominent and my pants do not fit anymore. I started exercising by waking up early and jog around UST. I lose 5 kilos in just 2 weeks followed by fever and multiple infections that lasted for over a week so I decided to stop doing it.  So what if i am gaining weight anyway.

Wave 133 Grad Vertex one Building
It’s time to step up. I made the decision to work again. Welcome to Convergys Wardman! The awesome moment when you are no longer included to the percentage of jobless people on earth. It sounded so great but it entails a lot of sacrifices and lots of sleepless nights as well. Though, it sounded so nice, having a nice job, it feels the other way around because it ruins my social life and lazy moments. I’ve met cool people in Convergys though.

Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin

We usually go home during the first week of this month to visit my grandparents who are now in heaven but due to the conflicts in the schedule, I was left alone in the metro while the whole family were in the province. I am so used in being alone so I convinced myself that all is well and everything will be fine. 

Katibawasan Falls


It was a blast spending the holidays with my family and friends. It’s time to step up and do the work to the next level. I made it to production, big thanks to those who helped me a lot. I owe this position from you guys. 

I started the year with a bang and though it became a little bit dull in the middle of the year at least I bounced back before the year ends. To few people who spend time with me this year; I want to thank you all. I hope, 2014 will be the same if not better for all of us.   HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

Camayan Beach Subic
Im not lonely, I just want to be alone
N Hotel with uncle Frank

White Island
Tree Drop Adventure
Wave 133 in Pantry 7F
Panagatan, Floating Restaurant
Feraqui, Obviously :)
Group 2+1 wave 133
Camayan Beach, Passing the Board
Bataan Central Terminal with Bos Drew
White Castle
Eastwood Mall
Katibawasan Falls, Obviously ;)
Sunken Cemetery
By the Beach
Hot Spring, Mt. Hibok-hibok

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Strengthening the Bond in Tides

Do you know the reason why chemist made beer taste bitter? If no, well I have my theory about that. They made it bitter for us to not drink it straight like juice and get sleepy right away. Just imagine going out with your drunkard friends and then you're all drunk after 15 minutes or so because beer taste like milk. There will be insufficient time to tell cool stories thus, there will be limited time to have fun and build camaraderie. It is not the alcohol that matters, its the bond and friendship being built stronger that matter most.

Its been a long time since I had this terrible hangover but it is all worth it because I had lots and lots of fun last night with awesome folks of wave 133. It is just a bit sad because not everyone made it in Tides that night. Perhaps, they have their valid reasons. Meeting people with great personalities is always astonishing! 

The beautiful ladies of the wave.
After a century of planning, finally, it happened in Tides ERod. Thanks to Cath, Otaw, Pau and M*** for they did not give up in planning even if some of our wavemates seem to be not interested anymore. Though not everyone made it that night in Tides, it is still full of happiness. Sorry guys, you just missed half of the fun being a trainee.. "Right" Onim? (mimic gladys in saying this word :) The first plan was an overnight stay in a private resort in Laguna (universal place for team building I guess) or Antipolo but we end up in ERod and I don't know why. 
Everyone is having fun including the attachments. We talked as if we know each other for a decade or more already. No one might believe that we just met each other less that a couple of months back because we talked and laughed so loud for petty reasons as well as drink as if tomorrow is the end of the world. We ordered almost everything that is written in Tides' Menu. From food to Beverages, name it and we might have it! 

The place is not that extravagant but more than cool enough for this type of event. I think we chose the perfect place for the event because it is not so far, not so expensive but awesome enough to have fun. Besides, we are not fond of expensive stuff I guess. The type of music played is just perfect for a night out and it is not that too loud so there is still a window to converse. It is open area so even if everyone will smoke, no one will complain about being suffocated.

Almost ready to go home. wrap up mode..
The night ended around 11:32pm. Its a bit early to end a night out but there is no dull moment at all so every second is a highlight. Check out some of the snap shots. I guess, everybody retired on bed with a smile as well as headache the morning after. Lets make this event possible again guys! I do not know how to end this post so I will just say a simple "Thank You" to all of you guys..

Tipsy folks.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Newly Found Friends sa Savory

Pasado alauna na ng madaling araw at mulat na mulat parin ang mga mata co.. Sabagay alas otso ng gabi kasi co nagising kanina at isa pa, nasanay na cong gising sa gabi dahil sa trabaho..

Sandaling nagbukas ng facebook at nakita co na online si mac. Sinubukan kong ayaing lumabas lahit madaling araw na at dahil malakas ako sakanya napapatag co syempre.

Saktong ala una y medya nung magtext sya na nasa baba na daw ng building.. Bumababa natin co at dumiretso kami sa suki naming inuman malapit sa bahay. Ngunit subalit at datapwat, sarado yung ihawan kaya nagdesisyon kaming humanap ng iba at sa savory kami napadpad.

Akala namin at sarado din dahil may nakalagay na "close" sa pinto pero buti at makulit kami kaya tinanong namin yung guard.. Bukas pala yubg secondfloor..

Dahil naipangako co na kakain kami ng savory chicken sa unang sahod ay pabor naring maituturing. Isang bucket at manok ang nagustuhan sa menu. Tutubuan na ata co ng pakpak sa kakakain ng manok pero ayos lang.

Hindi naman co mapulutan kaya pinaubaya co na sakanya ang manok. Normal na kwentohan lang habang nanonood ng mga nagbibilyar.

Parang ordinaryong araw lang din naman yung ambiance bukod sa naglalampungan sa likod ni mac at magpinsabg nagkukulitan sa likod co. Tuloy lang ang tagay.

pagkatapos kong inumin ang pangalawang bote at dinamay na kami ni nung makulit sa likod co sa kulitan nila. Nag aya pang pagsamagin balang yungtable namin at para may makausap makausap kaming iba ay pumayag na kami, besides kami nalang ang nasa savory nun kasi halos alas kwatro na.

Mausisa nga silang dalawa at dahil mas malakas ang amats nila ay kami an nag aadjust ni mac at ganun kami kabait. hehe 

Kahit tapos na ang last order time at dahil makulit nga ang mga newly found friends namin ay napilit pa namin ang mga waiter sa isa pang round. Si BJ aka Barry yung isa at katukayo naman ni mac yung isa. Napunta kami sa friendly debate sa mga kubg ano anong bagay lang hanggang sa malasing..

Dahil alas sais na ng umaga ay nag aya yung dalawang mag almusal sa paluti sa Maceda. Masawap yung sisig nila dun kaya malamang ay babalik kami ni mac. Saka libre kasi kaya mas naging mas masawap.. hehe

Maliwanag na kaya kanya kanyang uwi na. Kumuha na ng taxi si Barry para makauwi sila at syempre kumuha narin kami ni mac para makauwi na sa bahay.. Tulog hanggang alas tres ng hapon. Hapon na pero dahil makulimlim ay umaga padin sa pakiramdam.. Nakaramdam kami ng intense na gutom. Salamat sa unli rice ng mang inasal! Uwi sa Lealtad pagkatapos sakay ng madungis na jeep. :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Home Alone Halloween

Alas otso na nga gabi.. Kagigising palang ng datu, saglet na nagmasid sa veranda at napuna nya na nagmistulang ghost town ang paligid sapagkat marami sa mga tao ay nasa kanikanilang probinsya at yung iba ay nasa sementeryo pa kasi pista ng mga patay ngayon..

Irewind natin ng konte ang mga pangyayare.. Kahapon, mga alas sais ng gabi, tumulak pauwi ng probinsya ang lahat ng mga kamaganak co at dahil may pasok pa co ay kelangang magpa iwan.. Magulo pa naman ang isip co dahil sa isang pangyayaring ginusto co pero medyo may konting sakit at panghihinayang..

Pumasok co sa trabaho alas 9 ng gabi at tumambay saglet sa smoking area at nagsindi ng sigarilyo. At boom-boom-paw! Sumakit ang batok co bigla.. Umatake ata yung hayblad co..

Sa Training room one! dahil last day of the week at eksayted na ang lahat sa long weekend ifast forward na natin ang mga pangyayare.. Mock calls, games at voila! alas sais na agad ng umaga!

Napagusapan ng ilan sa mga wavemates na magbuhat muna ng baso since birthday ni chris pero hindi sumama at restday naman. Salamat kay nyora Diane at konyong otaw.. Libre pamasahe papuntang sobriedad na place ni David..

Inuman.. Halohalong alak.. Dko alam kung ano tawag sa mix na ginawa ni otaw pero masawap. Empe lights on the rocks at red horse para sa finale.. Since weak na co sa inuman lalo na sa beer ay umikot ang mundo co nung red horse na..

Hindi ako fan ng mga puzzles, riddles o games tuwing inuman kasi kontento na co sa alkohol, nikotina at sounds sa inuman pero since gusto ng lahat maglaro ayoko namang maging kontrabida..

Lasing bobo yung tawag ni otaw sa laro.. Masaya yung laro kasi walang truth or dare. Ayoko kasi ng nga ganung laro. Kung dika makakasagot ay tagay lang yung consequence so mas okay na. At dahil puyat at inaantok ay di gumagana yung wardman powers ng utak co kaya may mga instances na sunod sunod yung tagay sakin kaya mabilis akong nahilo.

May mga engineers sa wave namin kagaya co kasi yung mga nagsabeng sasama ay hindi sumipot. Wala naman sakin yun kasi gawain co din yun. Sa totoo lang sinubukan kong umexit nung papunta na pero medyo mahirap at walang chance kasi bukod sa may sasakyan ay sumunod si David sa 7/11 para magpaload. Perfect timing kasing tumakas kapag naglalakad na ang lahat papuntang sakayan.. Magpapahuli ka lang at iiba ng daan bigla. Base yan da experience co pero dahil anjan si nyora at konyong otaw mahirap gawin yun.. Mahirap kasing magsabe ng hindi ka sasama kasi mapipilit at mapipilit din nila ako kung may pipilit kaya mas madali nalang sabihin ang oo at emexit. Hindi kasi co kumportable minsan sa mahabang usapan..

Usapan ng lahat alas onse max uuwi na kami pero since napasarap ang pagbubuhat ng baso ay lumagpas sa oras.. Usually naman kasi ay ganun ang nangyayare.. Kalokohan ang isang bote o dalawa lang, siguro dalawang case pwede pa..

Sasama pa sana co sa Chades para kumain pero dahil antok na antok na co ay diretso uwi nalang. Sakay ng Jeep ay pumunta co sa place ni ermats since walang tao dun. Pagkadating, nagbukas lang ng aircon at tulog na agad! alas otso na ng gabe pagkagising ay nilalamig ng todo dahil naka off shirt pala co at walang kumot.. hindi lang yun, gutom na gutom din kaya lang walang pagkain. Salamat sa Chikboy na isang tumbling lang mula sa bahay. Kumain ako na parang construction worker kahit na nagdadiet co kunu.

Eto ang home alone halloween.. Sana walang momo.. Bukas sa Bataan nlang co at alams na.. :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Having no Religion just Faith

While browsing twitter, I came across with the phrase “I may not have a religion but I know I have God inside me”. 

Considering the fact that there are a lot of religions all over the globe together with some other sects, it is also true that there are some who do not have a religion or do not believe in the supernatural being. There are videos circulating in the internet proving the existence of the supernatural being but there are also some disproving it.

I am a pastor’s grandson so it is safe for me to say that I grew up as a believer. As far as I remember, I am very active in the church during those years. However, I became busy and my focused was gradually directed to some other stuff until such time that I no longer go to church at all.

In filling out forms, I still use to write my religion though it is really not an issue at all. On the other hand, I sometimes ask if I am still considered a ***** even if I am no longer attending weekly mass. In reality, I can no longer remember the last time I entered my church though I am also passing through churches but not to attend the mass.

While writing this post, I am watching TV and I just learned that quirkyalone is someone who enjoys being alone. Going back to the main topic, when I am with my Catholic friends, they used to go in churches whenever it is along our way and have a quick moment of silence to pray. I often times wait for them outside but sometimes I am joining them but not kneel down and pray with them. I am simply observing what they are doing at the same time appreciate the architectural design of the church.

I strongly believe that going to the church regularly is useless if a churchgoer is not practicing the lessons that the bible teaches in real life. I believe that sitting in the church cannot make a person a believer because sitting in the garage cannot turn someone into a car as well. Thanks to Jerome for this input.

Perhaps, “I may not have a religion but I know I have God inside me” were the best group of words to use whenever someone ask me what is my religion. However, it is too long for forms, so I guess I would just leave it a blank.

I just want to clarify that I am not an atheist; I strongly believe that there is a supernatural being. I just do not have a religion. I guess believing in God is the common denominator in all religions so as long as I have God inside me; having a religion is not an issue.

Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Reasons Why I Hate the Government

I love the Philippines; I just have some concerns about its government.

The country is currently in the middle of a dilemma related to corruption. We cannot deny that corruption is very rampant not just today but even in the past. I and my friends were joking at times that corruption is already a way of life so we just need to accept it. I am paying my taxes for each month so I am expecting that those who are assigned to use it should use the fund well.

Palakasan System
I am a victim of this when I was still in the province. I was working in a hospital nearby as a volunteer knowing the fact that there are several nurses who were secretly given job orders from Capitol just because they have relatives working there. It hurts a lot because in terms of qualifications, I belief there are a lot who are more deserving.

The way Government Offices Operate
I just arrived from BIR Pasig and I am very disappointed to the way they operate. I was there around AM; I was already next in line when suddenly the operation stops. Nobody even bother to inform us that they are having system issue; they stand in their desk and walked out leaving us with nothing. I asked the guard on duty so I’ve known. I politely ask the guard if I can go out and just return this afternoon and he say okay. When I returned, He cancels my number and issued another one; to my surprise I am again last on line. (Just imagine the inconvenience!) At last, I am next in line again and same thing happened, maybe I was just unlucky during that day because they again experience technical issue. I asked myself what system they are using. It is so poor and they do not have back up plan either. A concerned employee ask me where I previously work, I politely answer just in the building next to Tektite. He told me to go to Shaw because I can do the transfer there. I went there and though there are minor problems like not following the line because the officer in charge knows those who are behind me. I made the transfer at last. 

No big deal for me...  (Just kidding) Of course it is big deal. Personally, I do not believe in Philippines politics. I often times see same names during the election and I honestly hate it. I am a fan of check and balance so I believe it is best to have different names in the ballot. The Jurassic idea of dynasty from China is still living in the country so I believe it is a factor why the country’s economy can hardly step up.

Mismanagement of Natural Resources
The country is considered as the pearl of the orient because of its astonishing beauty and abundant resources. Japan is a very little country but it is very progressive. Why does our country cannot do it considering it resources? This is something good to think about.

There are additional issues such as those related in the justice system but I limited it to the top five most alarming for me.
I want to acknowledge the intelligent input of Grandeur and Michael for this post.