Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Worst than Demise

"To be forgotten is worst that dying". I took that quote from a friend whom I just accompanied to the bus station heading to the province
. I found it very meaningful because it is true. 

Let me rewind what happened in the past three days. I am with some of my friends fixing some sort of important documents. We've accomplished the documents a little bit easy and fast because of connections. That is how it works in the country. If you know somebody in a certain department you will be prioritized. That is absolutely a fact.

Anyway, going back to the quote. Lot's of folks are afraid of death and i can say that I am one of those people. However, Going back 10 years ago or more, I am saying that I am not afraid of death besides everybody will soon die so what is the point in postponing it. I even wrote "if you are going to die in the future why not today?" in a page of my notebook once during those time. I am saying that , but it does not mean that I am suicidal because I still believe that life is a gift. I am not afraid to die before because i really do not know what the future have for me and I am afraid of something bad that might happen. Yes, i am afraid in failure and disappointment.

During those times, I have learned lots and lots of things from different people that I've met. I gained a lot of friends and built camaraderie in various places. I started to dream and think about better future, building my own family but I developed my fear towards death as well. I thought dying would mean the end but when I learned that there is something worst in dying which is to be forgotten, lots of things changes.

People who are remembered for their good deeds would be the happiest people. They might be physically gone but as long as their memories remain in the heart of those they once touched, they are more alive that those who are breathing but forgotten. Now i know why eulogy is very important in every funeral. The cadaver might not hear it but it still means a lot.

I have lots of dreams and plans for tomorrow, the next day and the future and I fear death, but as long as I have lots of friends who keep on remembering me then everything is worth it. So, It is still best to be positive and gain friends. Who cares about death? What matters most is to keep doing something great so you won't be forgotten in the event that your heart stop beating and you are already six feet below the ground covered with your favorite flowers.

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