Saturday, September 28, 2013

Having no Religion just Faith

While browsing twitter, I came across with the phrase “I may not have a religion but I know I have God inside me”. 

Considering the fact that there are a lot of religions all over the globe together with some other sects, it is also true that there are some who do not have a religion or do not believe in the supernatural being. There are videos circulating in the internet proving the existence of the supernatural being but there are also some disproving it.

I am a pastor’s grandson so it is safe for me to say that I grew up as a believer. As far as I remember, I am very active in the church during those years. However, I became busy and my focused was gradually directed to some other stuff until such time that I no longer go to church at all.

In filling out forms, I still use to write my religion though it is really not an issue at all. On the other hand, I sometimes ask if I am still considered a ***** even if I am no longer attending weekly mass. In reality, I can no longer remember the last time I entered my church though I am also passing through churches but not to attend the mass.

While writing this post, I am watching TV and I just learned that quirkyalone is someone who enjoys being alone. Going back to the main topic, when I am with my Catholic friends, they used to go in churches whenever it is along our way and have a quick moment of silence to pray. I often times wait for them outside but sometimes I am joining them but not kneel down and pray with them. I am simply observing what they are doing at the same time appreciate the architectural design of the church.

I strongly believe that going to the church regularly is useless if a churchgoer is not practicing the lessons that the bible teaches in real life. I believe that sitting in the church cannot make a person a believer because sitting in the garage cannot turn someone into a car as well. Thanks to Jerome for this input.

Perhaps, “I may not have a religion but I know I have God inside me” were the best group of words to use whenever someone ask me what is my religion. However, it is too long for forms, so I guess I would just leave it a blank.

I just want to clarify that I am not an atheist; I strongly believe that there is a supernatural being. I just do not have a religion. I guess believing in God is the common denominator in all religions so as long as I have God inside me; having a religion is not an issue.

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