Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Reasons Why I Hate the Government

I love the Philippines; I just have some concerns about its government.

The country is currently in the middle of a dilemma related to corruption. We cannot deny that corruption is very rampant not just today but even in the past. I and my friends were joking at times that corruption is already a way of life so we just need to accept it. I am paying my taxes for each month so I am expecting that those who are assigned to use it should use the fund well.

Palakasan System
I am a victim of this when I was still in the province. I was working in a hospital nearby as a volunteer knowing the fact that there are several nurses who were secretly given job orders from Capitol just because they have relatives working there. It hurts a lot because in terms of qualifications, I belief there are a lot who are more deserving.

The way Government Offices Operate
I just arrived from BIR Pasig and I am very disappointed to the way they operate. I was there around AM; I was already next in line when suddenly the operation stops. Nobody even bother to inform us that they are having system issue; they stand in their desk and walked out leaving us with nothing. I asked the guard on duty so I’ve known. I politely ask the guard if I can go out and just return this afternoon and he say okay. When I returned, He cancels my number and issued another one; to my surprise I am again last on line. (Just imagine the inconvenience!) At last, I am next in line again and same thing happened, maybe I was just unlucky during that day because they again experience technical issue. I asked myself what system they are using. It is so poor and they do not have back up plan either. A concerned employee ask me where I previously work, I politely answer just in the building next to Tektite. He told me to go to Shaw because I can do the transfer there. I went there and though there are minor problems like not following the line because the officer in charge knows those who are behind me. I made the transfer at last. 

No big deal for me...  (Just kidding) Of course it is big deal. Personally, I do not believe in Philippines politics. I often times see same names during the election and I honestly hate it. I am a fan of check and balance so I believe it is best to have different names in the ballot. The Jurassic idea of dynasty from China is still living in the country so I believe it is a factor why the country’s economy can hardly step up.

Mismanagement of Natural Resources
The country is considered as the pearl of the orient because of its astonishing beauty and abundant resources. Japan is a very little country but it is very progressive. Why does our country cannot do it considering it resources? This is something good to think about.

There are additional issues such as those related in the justice system but I limited it to the top five most alarming for me.
I want to acknowledge the intelligent input of Grandeur and Michael for this post. 

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