Saturday, November 16, 2013

Strengthening the Bond in Tides

Do you know the reason why chemist made beer taste bitter? If no, well I have my theory about that. They made it bitter for us to not drink it straight like juice and get sleepy right away. Just imagine going out with your drunkard friends and then you're all drunk after 15 minutes or so because beer taste like milk. There will be insufficient time to tell cool stories thus, there will be limited time to have fun and build camaraderie. It is not the alcohol that matters, its the bond and friendship being built stronger that matter most.

Its been a long time since I had this terrible hangover but it is all worth it because I had lots and lots of fun last night with awesome folks of wave 133. It is just a bit sad because not everyone made it in Tides that night. Perhaps, they have their valid reasons. Meeting people with great personalities is always astonishing! 

The beautiful ladies of the wave.
After a century of planning, finally, it happened in Tides ERod. Thanks to Cath, Otaw, Pau and M*** for they did not give up in planning even if some of our wavemates seem to be not interested anymore. Though not everyone made it that night in Tides, it is still full of happiness. Sorry guys, you just missed half of the fun being a trainee.. "Right" Onim? (mimic gladys in saying this word :) The first plan was an overnight stay in a private resort in Laguna (universal place for team building I guess) or Antipolo but we end up in ERod and I don't know why. 
Everyone is having fun including the attachments. We talked as if we know each other for a decade or more already. No one might believe that we just met each other less that a couple of months back because we talked and laughed so loud for petty reasons as well as drink as if tomorrow is the end of the world. We ordered almost everything that is written in Tides' Menu. From food to Beverages, name it and we might have it! 

The place is not that extravagant but more than cool enough for this type of event. I think we chose the perfect place for the event because it is not so far, not so expensive but awesome enough to have fun. Besides, we are not fond of expensive stuff I guess. The type of music played is just perfect for a night out and it is not that too loud so there is still a window to converse. It is open area so even if everyone will smoke, no one will complain about being suffocated.

Almost ready to go home. wrap up mode..
The night ended around 11:32pm. Its a bit early to end a night out but there is no dull moment at all so every second is a highlight. Check out some of the snap shots. I guess, everybody retired on bed with a smile as well as headache the morning after. Lets make this event possible again guys! I do not know how to end this post so I will just say a simple "Thank You" to all of you guys..

Tipsy folks.

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