Monday, January 20, 2014

Small Things can Make Big Changes

Shit happens and bad things happen to good people. Those are realities that we have to accept, simply because they are facts that are happening to each and every single day to different people all over the globe.

Whiles I am browsing books in a famous bookstore in the Metro, I came across with the book entitled “The Book of Awesome”. The title including the layout of the cover attracted my attention thus; I picked it up and browse thereafter. I’ve discovered that it is a compilation of simple yet good things that are happening daily that most folks tend to ignore.

I pick a random page to read. It is about the cool side of the pillow. I have a lot of sleepless nights not because I have lots of big problems that are bothering me but simply because I was so used in being awake all night due to the nature of my job.

I usually flip the pillow from time to time because I know that the other side of the pillow is cooler and it feels really good. I never consider it as one of my good stuff because it was so small but the book says; I need to appreciate even those small things. According to the book, we have to learn how to appreciate simple things because it helps us in focusing on the positive side just in case gigantic troubles strike us.

There is another story included in the book about falling in line in a grocery. I am a certified line hater and I hate waiting. I easily get pissed when the line is not moving regardless of the reason especially in paying the bills. I hate being stuck in traffic as well. However, there are still things that we need to be thankful for in those scenarios according to the book.

It seems so difficult to be positive when your plans seem to be not being followed. In these situations, we consider our day as bad. I am so guilty on this. Going back to the long line in the grocery, we noticed that there is an express lane that just opened. We tend to just go there and not even appreciating the situation. In addition to that, we even verbalize our frustrations at times. The book says, we need to appreciate small things for it will help us in the long run.

Whatever attitude we display and whatever thought we have in mind will be sent to the universe and will bounce back to us and will affect our future. If we think negatively, then we will receive negative things as well and if we send good ideation to the universe then, good things will happen to us. I learned this from the “Book of Secret” and I strongly believe in it.

Life is full of surprises and nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, the next day and the day after. There is no harm in focusing on the positive side anyway. In fact, if we focus on the positive side, we might save ourselves from the bad impacts of having a bad day syndrome. Everybody experienced bad days, I have bad days too, but I am starting to focus on the positive side now.  So far, I guess it is working because I seldom feel being stressed out or pressured unlike before. In fact, I started leaving my stress ball at home because I think I do not need it anymore.

Learn to appreciate small things and forget about the negative stuff. Let the negative worry about itself and remember that negatives will not cause any good so it does not deserve even one percent of your attention.