Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Letter for 50-year-old Wardman

Today is March 01, 2014, it is your 26th or should I say sixth and a half birthday and it is about to end in an hour. I hope you are happier right now reading this letter and if you happened to be married, I hope you are not annulled or divorced.

This is the short version of your 20-pages letter to the older you so i hope you are still alive so you can read it.

I hope you already accomplished even just half of your goals which is about an inch lesser to impossible. I hope you already visited 70 to 80 percent of the country and at least went to either The US or Europe once or twice. I hope you have less regrets because of the stupid decisions you've created as a result of your stubbornness.

I hope you are not yet dying due to lung cancer or any lung disease due to smoking. You made the decision to minimize drinking alcohol a couple of years back so I wish you managed to do that until now so it is just your lung that you need to worry and not your liver.

I hope you are rich now because at present, you are dragging yourself in going to work just to have sufficient fund for your bills. You hate bills that much and I hope you already accepted the fact that bills are part of life and you cannot just ignore them. I hope you finally realize the importance of having your own house because at present, you are just staying in an apartment and making your landlady happy at the end of each month because the biggest part of your salary goes to her bank account.

I hope your family is proud to what you've become and if not at least not disappointed. You might have expanded your connections by now and I just hope that you've learned your lesson already in terms of kinship and friendship. You are no longer in the middle life, you are about to say goodbye to the living world so I hope you are wiser now in making decisions.

I know that you have a lot of regrets, I know that your mindset by now might be the complete opposite of your thoughts in your mid 20s but i still hope that you are contented on whatever you have and whatever you've done in the past half century.

You might be laughing while reading this letter because you strongly believe that you have hidden talent in writing compositions even if there isn't. You might be smiling because you remember how stupid you are in several aspects but nobody will bother to read this letter of stupidity so forget about your worries. 

There are only only two thing that I want to remind you, In your 20s, you have a lot of doubts and questions so I just hope you already find the answer because admit it to your self, your story is about to end. One more thing, I hope you already found the purpose of your life. You are not a bad person in your mid 20's so I hope if you changed, it is for the better.

I want to say Thank You to the few people who remembered my birthday. I know this might sound so emotional for some folks but I don't care besides its my day so give me a break. I can only count the people using my fingers who remembered this day so I want you to know that I appreciate it so much.

In 13 minutes, it is no longer my birthday so I will stop my dramas and I will publish it even if the private side of me keeps on objecting it! I've been awake for more than 24 hours now so I have to sleep because my bastard side overpowers my sanity if I kept on fighting the urge to sleep. #

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