Thursday, April 10, 2014

Still a Lucky Bastard

Following a 6-day long straight shift, i wasn't expecting anything but long sleep. I managed to sleep few hours after the last shift but I made the decision to get up in my lazy bed and visit an old friend in Pasig City. I used to do it each rest day just to fool myself that I am away from the office thus far from the source of stress.

While derping in the over pass, I checked the outside pocket of my bag after remembering a news about an asshole who stole a purse from a lady's back pack. The pocket was close so there is nothing to worry about. I am already in hepa-lane when I saw a kwek-kwek vendor and since I am a big fan of street foods and haven't taken anything since this morning, I decided to eat. 

I spend just twenty pesos for three pieces of kwek-kwek and hotdog-cuts but since I don't have change for my fare, I picked up my wallet and get a hundred bill to pay. As far as I remember, I put my wallet back to its original location. After eating, I keep on walking in front on FEU, I saw a sticker vendor and bought a religious-themed sticker to put on my laptop later on. I used the change that I got from my pocket so I did not touch my wallet anymore.

I keep on walking and then I reached Recto where I waited for an FX heading to Megamall where I will be meeting a friend. When I get on the FX, I am about to get my wallet back to pay my fare but the outside pocket of my back pack is already open. I wonder why and I search for my wallet. It is no longer there. Too bad for me.

Instead of paying the fare, I alight from the car and get inside Manila Plaza to do scavenger hunt on my backpack hoping that my wallet is there but unfortunately it is not there anymore. Somebody sequestered my wallet. I wanna go back to where I came from but I know that even if I go back, there is almost zero chance in getting it back so I didn't go back anymore.

I was out of my mind for about five minutes and when I get back on my consciousness I am already riding a bus going to Robinsons Galleria. I called my friend whom I am about to meet and reported what happened. Well, it wasn't my first time to be victimized by those assholes so I calmed myself and try to think of what is in my pocket. I have some cash, PRC and IVT licenses, ATMs, loyalty and discount cards, pictures, receipts and some other important mementos.

I reached galleria and smoke just to calm myself though I am acting as if nothing bad just happened. I sat on a bench and waited for 15 minutes. How lucky am I to have someone who always there to save me in this situation. I don't blame anybody to what had happened because I learned from "The Book of Secrets" that everything happened for a reason.

When I lost my motorcycle and wallet, I can't sleep for at least a couple of nights but this time, I managed to get a sound sleep still. Maybe because I already have a positive outlook towards life unlike before. I am quite sad for an hour or so but Acceptance is quick. No more anger, bargaining and depression though denial is there.

It was indeed a bad day for my wallet. However, I still consider myself a lucky bastard because at least, I still have money for my fare. My issue is more in getting a replacement for my IDs and ATM cards. God Bless to the one who sequestered my wallet. It was a gift from my brother asshole so I hope you get drunk last night using my money. At least someone is happy to what happened. #

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