Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Best of My 2014


Happy New Year! It was an awesome 2014.. Onset of the year, I received an unexpected reward from a page online that I followed. What a very lucky way to start the year, right? Spending quality time to newly found friends is superb. As I am expecting, I get so drunk and did some nasty things again when I am with them. But who cares, it is no longer me if I stopped doings such things. Thank you for understanding guys.


Nothing much for this month, additional new friends/teammates.. But wait.. This is the time I managed to somehow go back and spend more time with my laptop beside my huge popcorn can. I made it! The lazy me is back. I managed to finish a number of season/series this month that includes Stargate and Star Wars The Complete Saga.


One of the most boring birthdays I have. I have to go to work, take calls and do my stuff wearing my headset. Thank you to my family who still celebrated my birthday even without me. Nothing much for this month, it is just me and my thing at work.


The most awaited month of my best buddy! Best wishes “sa pinakamakisig, pinakapogi at pinakamatalik kong kaibigan at sa kanyang better half”. You made my heart get out of my chest when you are about to announce someone to go in front and do some unusual stuff and Thank you for not giving my name.. You know I won’t do such a thing especially on your wedding.


Moving on to May, I can’t afford to end summer without visiting a beach. Palladium Beach resort, it is as usual, can’t even count the number of times I went to this beach but it is indeed still legendary. Ice cold beer while watching sunset on the seashore plus awesome music and yummy food on the plate.. I can’t ask for more except for a special someone to spend such quality time. Time spent wasting is not time wasted.


Back to school boom-boom-paw in the office. Serah, my favourite teammate made the decision to wear our clinical uniforms just to be different. Luckily, my clinical uniform still suits me in spite of gaining lots of extra sh*t. I look more respectable wearing pure white, I should wear this more often. Baguio Time for my Best pal in the office and one of my best friends way back college years. Revisiting Chocolate de Batirol, Camp John Hay, Benguet and the rest of Baguio City is always magnificent. I am not supposed to tell stories about those days but believe me it is legendary! One of the best days of my 2014.

There is nothing much for this month, except for team building following a disaster in Pansol Laguna. As expected, I was so drunk and did stuff I will regret for life. Aside from the team building Bagyong Glenda Edition, I cannot recall something else for this month.


As I am scanning my photos to refresh my memory, I saw nothing on my phone except for shoes, shoes and shoes. Probably my weakness for shoes strikes back this month so I bought two pairs of shoes in just a single month. I hate it when I feel that urge because I just can’t stop it and tend to spend more that I can afford and experience the consequences for the rest of the month.



Another milestone, I moved! My new place was indeed a lot better than the old one. Got my own room, kitchen, washroom and most of all, the veranda! It was love at first sight. It is twice the price of my old place but I don’t care, It is nearer to the office and a lot safer so it is all worth it.


Time to learn something new, just got the earliest Christmas gift. Got a skateboard man! I don’t even know how to use it but it is not too late to learn new things. The more you drop, the more you want to ride it! After several weeks, I stopped.. It hurts! I suddenly felt chest pain and difficulty of breathing but totally unrelated to my new source of fun.


I failed to visit the grave of my grannies last year so I did my best to fix my schedule this year to visit them. It was a very quick visit but still worth it. I salute you mommy, apong and all my relatives resting in peace with respect and awesomeness. I’m back to my usual routine for the rest of the month.

Christmas parties here and there! I started playing Badminton through the encouragement of my newly close friend/teammate. I got a lot of parties to attend that means more food, more fun and more calories to burn. For the first time in history, I won in a raffle and brought home a basket full of goods.

It might not be as legendary as I expected, but my days, weeks, months and years are getting better and better. It was a great year and thank you for being a part of it!


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