Thursday, April 30, 2015

Surround Yourself with Hikers

If you were given a chance to meet a group of people, perhaps you will select the most famous people appearing in the wide screen generating millions on their bank accounts. Well, think again.. Think about meeting the coolest mountain climbers for they are the most adventurous risk takers yet down to earth individuals. They are the best people who can define absolute good vibes.

Hikers are like engineers for they always plan before their first step in heading to the upper land. Preparation is not limited in basic needs such as food and stuff but also including itinerary especially for probable campsites to stay for the night. 

Getting to the summit during summer is not an excuse not to bring thermals as well as rain jackets and tents in case it rains. Their itineraries are flexible. Changing route multiple times cannot spell out worry to anyone. On the other hand, it means more adventure in the mind of every hiker. The main goal is to reach the summit and to fulfill that goal is not a problem at all for they have a big heart for the upper grounds especially the view up there. They are very positive in everything and always have a plan in all things that they are going to do.

You might think that meeting a stranger in the elevator is no different in meeting a hiker in a campsite. Well, think again. Every hiker is very encouraging. There is something in them that makes you feel determined to keep going even if trekking is tiring just to see breath taking landscapes in the summit. You can find the coolest people in such places with awesome stories to share that can make you feel encouraged.

They might be high position holders in prestigious companies during the week but they are the perfect definition of being minimalist once they put their backpacks on and head to the mountains during the weekend. 

They are the ones who will never complain for having no toilet paper or toothpaste for the entire journey as long as they have their backpacks that contain just enough supplies to stay alive for entire duration of the trek. They only need minimal stuff but they always have the ingredients for a warm dinner, besides what keeps them on track is their love for fantastic landscape in the summit.

Other people may call hikers crazy and yes they are crazy. They do dangerous things at times just to fulfill their cravings for adrenaline rush. They climb mountains covered with ice or forest with wild animals ready to end them. Any simple mistake might end their lives but they keep on climbing for the view on top is always worth the risk for them. 

You can barely see them sitting in front of the computer over the weekend for they easily get bored unless they are researching for their next trek. Their goal is so simple, it is either to reach the summit or to go to the other side of the mountain. 

Aside from euphoric feeling that only last for a short period of time, they gain nothing else but that is exactly the reason why they keep on climbing. If you can’t be one of them then, try to surround yourself with hikers who can make you feel like one.

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