Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mount Tarak Ridge: Perfect Escape From The Metro Life

If going to amusement parks and spas in the Metro as well as eating in fancy restaurants in the heart of the City are no longer working to reduce stress then, it might be the right time to go up land and search for the inner peace in you.

It was way back almost half a decade ago when I was given the chance to experience what Mount Tarak Ridge in Mariveles Bataan is offering. Big thanks to my previous employer in Balanga Bataan for he did a great job in organizing this event. It was a company outing since we are doomed to our monitors six days each week completing our tasks. So we deserve this break.

I can barely remember how long the bus ride was from Balanga to Alasasin, Mariveles Bataan for I am so busy appreciating the place with awesome sound in my ears on. What I remember was, it is not a very long trip where in, you can sleep a on the way but not too short neither. It was my second time heading to Mariveles but the first one was simply for company training.

Registration is vital before starting the trek so everyone registered to the Barangay hall before having our first step for the actual trek. Following registration, we finally started our trek but of course we cannot avoid taking pictures along the way. It was not a very hard trek at first but every minute that passed by, trekking becomes more challenging.

First stop is the store. It is time to double check supplies. Yes, there was a store where you can rest and refill supplies especially water. What I remember in this place was an old man who ask who happened to be our team leader. He did remind us the rules that we need to observe on our entire journey. It is imperative to bring down the stuff we brought up and leave nothing but foot prints.

Trekking is getting more and more challenging as we move to the nest stop. However, it is getting more fun as well. Make sure to bring lots and lots of water especially if you are diaphoretic like me for you needed it. In addition to that, ensure that you have sufficient sleep the night before trekking. Seriously, you need it as well.

After burning thousands of calories, we finally reach Papaya River. Of course, everyone is hungry thus we started to prepare food shortly following arrival. After the first meal, I opened a can of beer and started making my hepatocytes happy again. Just imagine a can of beer, beside Papaya River with your awesome pals.. All I can is Awesome!

We spent the night in Papaya River for most of us are tipsy already. It was one of the nights that I will never forget for I sleep in the open with trees that serve as my shelter. I will definitely tell that story to my future kids. One more thing, my GIT is so sensitive when it comes to water but the water in Papaya River is friends with my GIT. No stomach trouble the day after the trek.

The plan was to head to the summit the morning after but it was no longer fulfilled because most of us are already contented but I am one of the few who wants to do more. We made sure that we left nothing but foot prints as promised and took nothing but pictures and memories then we made our first step back to our humble homes.


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