Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Pansol – Team Building Capital of the Philippines

If you are working in the BPO industry, you might agree with me that Pansol, Laguna is the team building Capital of the Philippines. It is very accessible from the Metro and very affordable. No need to book ahead of schedule regardless if its peek or off peak season. Trust me, just get in there and somebody will help you out in searching for a place to stay as soon as you arrive.

I’ve been in this place not once, twice or trice.. I’ve been in Pansol several times already and I am with different folks each time I go there courtesy of my career in the BPO industry.  However, each escapade tells a totally different story and the most memorable one was the Bagyong Glenda Edition. Yes, we went to Pansol following a typhoon but the place did not fail us though there are few mishaps but still considered a success.
The easiest way to get there from Manila is via Bus. There are buses going to Sta. Cruz Laguna stationed in Gil Puyat near LRT station. Fair is reasonable but I am not so sure what is the exact fair nowadays but I think it is less than a hundred. I am not good in directions but I was able to get there without using GPS so don’t panic if you have your own wheels, you can get in there easily just drive heading south.

You can choose from public to private resorts though I haven’t tried public resort yet but I guess it is probably cool as well if it is really on a tight budget. Private resort amenities usually include a pool, private rooms with AC, billiard table and Videoke but others might probably have additional amenities but those are just the basics. You can also request cooking utensils from the care taker and that is what we are doing each time we go there. They cook and I eat. They swim and I drink. They sing and I sleep.
My first time in Pansol was way back 2008 with my wavemates when I am still with TP EDSA Shaw. It was more of a graduation celebration because we did it following training grad. I was a call center virgin at that time. That is also one of the loneliest times of my life but the reason behind it deserves a different post on this blog soon.

Going back to the main topic, the second time I went there was with my EGS Cubao family. I can barely remember when it was. It was summer of 2012 I guess or probably 2013. It was a typical team building with lots of swimming, drinking and sleeping. I got one of the worst hangovers the day after that team building but still managed to go back to manila safe and sound.

I was already with my current team when I get back in Pansol. I was already with my Convergys family. The first time we get there was last year and just recently, we went back for the second time. I am expecting typical team building with lots and lots of alcohol to ingest but I guess I got totally blacked out. There are stories my team mates are saying that I can barely remember. From that day on, I told myself not to get drunk the following team building but history really repeats itself. The second time we went back, it happens again but I am not supposed to tell such stories in public.

Just a friendly advise guys, don’t trust yourself after 2AM just go to bed and sleep! At least I was able to maintain the record.. No Vomit Since ’08!


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